The New Brand: You! - Karyl Innis

In today’s workplace how you articulate your value proposition to the organization can make or break your career possibilities Advocating for yourself, articulating your brand and utilizing your branding statement as a part of your personal development strategy are all crucial to long term career success.

This workshop introduces the participant to the idea of personal branding, has them explore their own personal brand and develop new ways of talking and thinking about themselves.

This workshop is highly interactive with participants interacting with each other and the workshop leader. The workshop is conducted live, utilizing exercises, discussion, presentation, handouts and a visual graphic presentation. The content is customized for specific groups and can last from 3-5 hours.


  • Identify their current personal brand.
  • Modify and edit their personal brand statement for use in daily introductions and documents.
  • Improve the clarity and power of their personal brand.
  • Learn about the importance of personal massaging as a career growth tool.
  • Learn the role of first impressions in career success and how to manage them.
  • Identify which of the 5 most prominent CLMs (career limiting moves) is hunting them and what to do about it.

Location: Landmark Hotel Amman
Time: 9am - 5pm
Date: Sat 4/11/2017 
Participation Fees:  1-2: JD 290 
                                           3-5: JD 270 
                                           6+:  JD 250  

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Landmark Hotel Amman

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