Life During Corona

Session topics:

- How to thrive your relationship and family relationships during this crisis

- Understand how to get the extra support you need at this time and have fun doing it

- How to deal with stress and anxiety caused during this crisis and how woman and men respond to stress and stressful situation

- How should family members (mother, father, children) deal with each other when one of them is stressed

- Tips to reduce the effect of this crisis on children, mainly since they are interacting less with their friends and spending more time online learning rather than going to school and interacting with other kids. (this might affect their mental status)

- How to turn this period of time that we are living from pain and stress to opportunity

For more information: 0798777222

- Note: proceeds will support underprivileged cancer patients.

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15th of September, 2020


Virtual Event at 8 PM

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